Internet Marketing

combination of increasing a business website’s online reputability, search engine rankings, traffic (visitors) and online customer experience, by developing a quality portfolio of online real estate properties and maximizing on all major sections of search engine optimization, which subsequently provides your website with a very significant boost in brand name recognition and buyer oriented traffic.  If these things are done properly then any business can see massive increases sales where they will merely be limited by the area that they choose to serve.

Origin: 1995 – 2003, via the dawn of the internet, and the process of organizing documents on the web for specific query based search results, made popular

                and mainstream by Google  in 2003

   Commonly Confused With: Search Engine Optimization

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One important factor of internet marketing that our customers should realize is the sub-conscious human tendency to purchase from people that they can trust. We will build your internet marketing campaign until you achieve this level of exposure, where your business achieves substantial brand name recognition. Subsequently, you will not only increase the likelihood of a person clicking on your websites advertisements, but also the number of clients that you receive from those visitors. This happens for two reasons:

1) Brand Name Recognition* – the more a client sees your website the more likely they are to trust you over your competitors and not only click on your page, but also view your business with a sense of superiority over your competitors, which ultimately increases the likelihood of converting them into a customer/client.

2) Heatmaps* – google creates heatmap images that are used to research the amount of users that are clicking and what parts of the page they are clicking on. These tools reveal an important aspect of Internet Marketing, there are multiple parts of each search engine results page. For this reason you not will want to be featured in all of the different sections. This includes Organic Search Engine Results (details) , Paid Search Ads (details) , and Local Places listings (local map listings) (details) .

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Internet Marketing is the process of increasing your online exposure and maximizing the amount of space that your business/website occupies on each search engine results page for all profitable buyer oriented keywords for your industry. Whether that industry is local, or national, Innovative SEO will provide your business with a more than substantial list of them for you to choose from.Once you choose the keywords that you would like to target, the next step is to check out our Services and decide the scope and scale of online exposure that you would like to capitalize on!

There are three main sections of Search Engine Optimization that Innovative SEO will cover for your business are the Organic (details) , Local (details) , and Paid Search (details) results of every major search engine.

Organic Search Engine Results (details) are recorded to receive nearly 80% of all searchers clicking on them. For this reason most major search engines have created local listings and in recent times have continually increased their weight in search results.  This is why Local Optimization (details) is another aspect of internet marketing that is essential for any business. Local Listings have their own unique Search Engine Optimization tactics because they offer a different user experience that needs to be accounted for correctly. In todays time the percentage of Searchers that click on different sections of the Search Results for a local based search result are as follows.

Organic Results: ~60%

Local Listings: ~30%

Paid Ad listings (details) : ~10%



If you would like to learn more about properly optimizing your website for Organic (details) , Local (details) , and Paid Search Results (details) , then please visit our Servicespage, or our office to talk with a representative at (803) 493 – 6891Our Office HoursM – F ; 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ESTInnovative SEO works with each of their customers directly. By talking with our customers we are able to design the perfect campaign to fit nicely within the budget of any business.

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